The Practice of Partnership is a podcast about how local engagement is the cornerstone of sustainable, high-impact development. Development is inherently local and collaborative – local leadership and participation are essential. In this series, we explore the key ingredients of successful local partnerships, and most importantly hear from local partners themselves about how the relationships they have forged have helped to drive economic growth and development. As the old African proverb says, if you want to go far, go together.

Season 02 Episodes

Please listen to the episodes in order.


Partnerships matter for growth

Why do effective partnerships between development agencies and local entities matter? Because they offer a rich source of innovation, a credible pathway for sustainable change, and the ability to implement solutions at scale.


How Vietnam is leveraging partnerships in pursuit of net zero.

Following two decades of rapid growth, Vietnam is now the world’s 19th largest greenhouse gas emitter. How can the country pursue its growth goals and still reach net zero?


How partnership can help local economies and energy corporates win big.

“Place-based economics” lies at the center of an emerging order, which encourages businesses to value localised suppliers and supply chains rather than relying exclusively on highly globalized ones. Can local partnership in business advance international development objectives?


Where there are no banks – how equity partnerships are planting seeds for economic recovery in Lebanon

Crisis upon crisis has beset the country of Lebanon, home to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, Palestinians, diverse religious communities, and an even more diverse political landscape.


Accountable, transparent, and participatory – how local partnership in Colombia is strengthening democracy

Colombia’s deep-seated democratic traditions have been put to the test by decades of armed conflict. Over the past 50 years, thousands of people have been murdered and millions affected by violence.


Two new approaches to local partnership for better governance and greater investment

On our final episode of this series, we explore new practices and approaches to partnership that can drive local engagement, local ownership, and development results.