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Community Seed Production: A Pathway for Building Resilience in South Sudan

Any economic development work in an agro-based community such as South Sudan—where approximately 85 percent of households depend on crop cultivation—must emphasize the quality of the seed supply.  


marise montrose

14 days ago | 5 min read

Investing in Ethnically Diverse Communities to Restore and Preserve Forests in Vietnam

The USAID Sustainable Forest Management project works to restore and enhance Vietnam’s vital forest ecosystems. Empowering the ethnic minorities residing in forest areas—especially local women—is an essential part of this work.


Building Effective Monitoring Networks: A Locally Led Approach to Fighting Climate Change

People are a vital element in maintaining the Amazon as a carbon sink, to the benefit of the rest of the planet, but the threats to their lands and lives are constant. Drug trafficking and organized crime, for example, have increasingly degraded and deforested the jungle.

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