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Q&A: Developing High-Quality, Nature-Based Solutions for Carbon Removal

Barry Flaming, DAI’s Senior Technical Advisor on Climate, Natural Resources, and Private Sector Engagement, talks with Christy Owen about his work supporting a global buy-in program to assess opportunities for developing carbon removal projects.


How Increasing Tax Revenue Shapes the Lives of Salvadorans

DAI’s 35-year record of development partnership in El Salvador features projects related to the environment, education, and governance, and includes nearly 20 consecutive years of support for fiscal and public financial management reform. 


mazan asad

19 days ago | 4 min read

Driving Job Creation in the West Bank through Development Impact Bonds

The West Bank needs more employment opportunities to accommodate its growing population, but many companies have been cut off from direct market contact and cannot find financing, limiting their ability to compete, grow, and add jobs.

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