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Regional Trade Bolsters Southern Africa’s Economic Outlook

Six years ago, USAID set out to dramatically increase regional trade in Southern Africa. Its partners in this ambitious endeavor were trade promotion service providers, trade and investment promotion agencies, and business membership organizations.


kim shelsby, yodit admasu birhane

8 days ago | 7 min read

How Ethiopia Can Develop a More Sustainable Health Supply Chain

Affording the most vulnerable citizens in Ethiopia access to medicines and medical supplies is complex. It requires constant innovation, dedicated capacity building, continuous performance improvement, and comprehensive drug stewardship.


aisling byrne

18 days ago | 10 min read

Funding Climate Action in the South Mediterranean

Water scarcity, rising temperatures, and desertification are growing concerns, endangering delicate ecosystems and putting pressure on local infrastructure, industries, and population in the Mediterranean. Climate adaptation and mitigation efforts are essential.

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