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Making Inroads on “Learning Poverty” in Nigeria

Three years into the U.K. Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s Partnership for Learning for All in Nigeria (PLANE), we are beginning to see encouraging results in the project's efforts to tackle some of the root causes of learning poverty.


jeanne ellis, jane clifford

19 days ago | 8 min read

What About the Workforce? Priorities for the Energy Transition

In 2019, there were roughly 65 million energy jobs worldwide. What happens to the workers and communities displaced by the green energy transition? What kind of workforce do we need if we are to bring about this transition as quickly as possible? And how do we make it as fair as possible?


ramesh dhakal

20 days ago | 8 min read

Empowering Women to Push Acceptance of Proper Menstrual Hygiene in Rural Nepal

Menstruation remains a deeply stigmatized and taboo topic in western rural Nepal. Further efforts in community collaboration and capacity building are needed if we are to keep rural Nepal's menstrual hygiene narrative moving in the right direction.

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