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A Market Systems Approach to Climate-Smart Agriculture in Uganda

A USAID project in Uganda is helping smallholder farmers boost their resilience to an increasingly unpredictable climate by using a market systems approach that addresses obstacles to adopting climate-smart agricultural practices.


craig davis, carlos maradiaga

14 days ago | 8 min read

Returned Migrant Survey Informs Program Design in Honduras

Economic pressure is often cited as the key reason young people risk everything to migrate from Honduras. A recent survey provides a more complete picture of the complex motivations behind migration—and informs programs to help young people.


itai makanda, caroline hlatywayo

1 month ago | 6 min read

Fostering Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Agriculture as a Resilience-Building Pathway in South Sudan

More than 40 years of conflict and instability in South Sudan have had long-lasting consequences for its population, especially for women, young people, internally displaced people, and people with disabilities.

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