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How an Approach to Crisis in Jordan Transformed into Sustained Institutional Change

How the Project Management Unit revolutionized Jordan’s approach to crisis response and came to serve as a model for long-term institutional resilience and reform in the Kingdom of Jordan. 


lana ramer

1 day ago | 8 min read

Defending Ukraine’s Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats

Modern wars reach far beyond trenches and tanks to include political, informational, and cyberattacks designed to weaken the opponent and diminish its ability to resist. Peacemaking, reconstruction, and development work must account for all types of destabilizing efforts.


sharon donofrio

6 days ago | 7 min read

Making Blended Finance Work for Climate

Blended finance represents more than just a financial strategy; it's a key opportunity to influence the direction of capital flow in response to a shared global challenge—the climate crisis. 

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