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Mobilizing All Colombians in the Fight Against Corruption

In 2021, Colombia ranked 87th out of 180 countries in Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. In 2020, USAID launched the Partners for Transparency Activity, dedicated to promoting transparency, fighting corruption, and supporting open government.


janine mitchell, nicole decastro

1 month ago | 11 min read

Communities Are Key to Stopping the Next Pandemic

High-level collaboration around pandemics is in order, but it is short-sighted to focus solely on international responses. Communities far from capital cities and conferences are equally important to health security. It’s here—in these rural towns—where epidemics often begin.


george makore

2 months ago | 10 min read

Regional Trade Bolsters Southern Africa’s Economic Outlook

Six years ago, USAID set out to dramatically increase regional trade in Southern Africa. Its partners in this ambitious endeavor were trade promotion service providers, trade and investment promotion agencies, and business membership organizations.

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