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Digital Finance Is Growing Ethiopia’s Economy by Banking the Unbanked, Including Refugees


till bruett, megan howe

16 days ago | 9 min read

#MindTheGap: A Development Finance Primer

In our #mindthegap series we explore the multitrillion-dollar finance gap to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and how to close it. In this primer, we provide an overview of development finance and its various components, including public, private, domestic, and international finance.


elizabeth drachman

1 month ago | 8 min read

One Year On: How One USAID Governance Project in Ukraine Pivoted in War Time

Since the Russian invasion began on February 24, 2022, stories of Ukrainian heroism have been inspiring. But it’s hard to appreciate the full extent of difficulties faced by most Ukrainians. For DAI staff on a large decentralization project, stress and danger are part of everyday life.

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Felicity buckle

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