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Turning Green Shoots into Forests: The Growth Potential of Green Bonds

This article provides insights into DAI’s experience and the challenges and opportunities offered by blended finance instruments in the form of Green Bonds.


rachel couper, kim shelsby, bano burki

18 days ago | 9 min read

Four Ways to Build Resilient Supply Chains

To reduce their exposure to risks—such as political turmoil, pandemics, climate change, or inflationary pressure—businesses should prioritize supply chain resilience. Here are four ways to do that.  


Liberian Conflict: Civil Society May Lead the Way to Change

DAI research into the continued conflict around mining concessions in Liberia reveals the current state of a sector that remains vitally important to Liberia’s economy. We conducted a desk analysis of laws and policies around concessions, using a political economy analysis.

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Net Zero Update

Felicity buckle

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